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Monday, July 26, 2010

The RE Biz & "Inferior Goods"

McDonald's, iTunes --
and Real Estate Signs

In economics, the term "inferior goods" means anything that you consume more of as you have less money.

Historically, foods like hamburger (vs. steak), potato's, rice and the like qualified; today, that would be fast-food chains like McDonald's, and all the Dollar store chains that appear to be doing brisk business.

"Inferior goods" applies to other things, too.

So, demand for entertainment is also surprisingly recession-resistant.

That's because people tend go to the movies more, not less, even as they cut back on luxury goods and services.

Or perhaps makes that "download more, not fewer, iTunes."

Real Estate Equivalent

In the real estate business, the equivalent would be good, 'ol-fashioned real estate signage.

Even as Realtors pare back expensive media advertising (how do you think Google makes its billions?), they are stepping up -- or at least maintaining -- their purchases of "For Sale" signs, sign riders, banners and other hallmarks of boots-on-the-ground marketing.

At least, that's the take I got this am from the sign company I've done business with for years.

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