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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Realtor Sales Secrets

Best Way to Jump Start Sales? Keep Reading

Want Realtors' most closely guarded sales secret?

No, it's not baking chocolate chip cookies in the oven (to save time, buy store-made, then heat at 350 for 10 minutes).

Nor is it to hire a mascot in a 6' bear suit to hold up "Open House" signs at a nearby, busy intersection (tried it -- unfortunately, bad weather depressed traffic).

Rather, as every experienced Realtor knows, the single best way to jump start sales is . . . to go on vacation!

Especially effective: doing a showing just before you need to head to the airport to catch your plane.

If there's any truth to the foregoing-- and there's actually some anecdotal evidence supporting it -- it likely has to do with reverse psychology (and perhaps overaggressive sales tactics).

In other words, people are most apt to buy when they're not feeling pressured to do so.

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