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Monday, February 8, 2010

The "Too-Fast Offer"

"Love at First Sight?" Probably Not

Is there such a thing as a "too-fast offer," especially in a Buyer's market where lots of homes are sitting?

The short answer: actually, yes.

Most Buyers seriously contemplating a home will go through at least twice, just to double-check their first impressions, see it with fresh eyes (vs. 5th on a list of 8 showings), etc.

If they are contemplating major work, a 3rd visit, accompanied by contractors, may even be in order.

So what does it mean when you get word that an offer is coming in barely hours after a first showing?

It could mean that it was "love at first sight," and the Buyer knows all they need to know to make an offer, then and there.

Or . . . . the prospective Buyer is looking a for a deal. A very good deal.

In my experience, such Buyers don't invest much, emotionally or time-wise, in the properties they're scouting because it's all about the price.

If one Seller rebuffs them, they just move on to the next. And the next, and the next. . .

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