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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Realtors & Technology

"First Adopters" --
or "First Ruiners?"

Nobody goes there anymore -- it's too crowded.

--Yogi Berra, about a Miami Beach restaurant near the Yankees' Spring training camp.

Are social networks like Facebook becoming like Yogi Berra's restaurant?

In other words, as latecomers and "tourists" fill up the place, is the original, "in" crowd decamping for less noisy environs?

The "Spam Factor"


If so, Realtors will bear much of the blame (or credit, if you think that social networking is a gigantic time sink).

In technology circles, the joke is that Realtors aren't the "First Adopters" they fancy themselves to be, but instead are "First Ruiners."

That's because, whatever the technology, Realtors invariably seize upon it to do one thing: hawk their listings.

P.S.: Hat tip to Nobu Hata for the "First Ruiners" quote.

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