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Monday, October 25, 2010

"Traditional Seller" -- Decoded

Mom, Apple Pie -- and No Banks

Probably the most popular term on MLS at the moment -- right after "mint," "move-in condition," and "experienced short sale agent" -- is "traditional seller."

No, that doesn't mean the owners believe in "Mom and apple pie," dress conservatively (no face jewelry or tattoos), or otherwise have an "Ozzie and Harriet" profile (if you're too young for that reference, think, Phil and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family).

Rather, it means that: a) the Sellers have title to the home, not a bank (it's not a foreclosure); and b) they don't need the bank(s) that hold their mortgage to take a haircut for them to be able to sell (it's not a short sale).

Listings with this language are most common in areas where foreclosures and short sales are dominant, and "traditional sellers" need a way to distinguish themselves.

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