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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is a Vacant Home "Too Available?"

Understanding Home Buyer Psychology

It's human nature to want what everyone else wants. Likewise, it's also human nature to not want what everyone else is foresaking.

So, if a happy, bustling household is the real estate equivalent of the popular girl -- or guy -- everyone wants to go out with in high school, what is a vacant, unstaged home?

The wallflower in the corner.

Forlorn and (too) available -- one might even say a bit desperate-looking.

Staging's Role

What Realtors know -- but home Buyers can forget -- is that a relative pittance spent on staging (new paint, carpeting, optimally deployed furniture, rugs and wall art, etc.) can transform the barest of homes into a showcase.

Still, it's the "showcase" most Buyers prefer -- and want to buy -- even if the forlorn home is the better deal.

The lesson for would-be Sellers?

Show -- don't tell -- prospective Buyers what your home can look like at its best.

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