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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Realtor Visual Aids

Real Estate Marketing 101

Realtors use "sign tents" in a variety of situations (it's a called a "tent" because it's in the shape of a triangle, and looks tent-like).

The standard sign, of course, is "Please Remove Shoes."

But custom signs are a great way to call attention to hidden home features.

So, I've had them made up to alert prospective Buyers to a Kitchen warming drawer that would have otherwise gone unnoticed; draw attention to an especially large entry closet that was covered with paneling (and therefore camoflauged); and helpfully label a "Butler Bell" that people at my open houses had been puzzling over.

But another great use for a sign tent is the one I saw today at 4904 Sunnyslope*, in a lower level utility room that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

The sign tent read:
Enjoy this Room as:

--Arts & Crafts
--Dark Room
--File Room

Nice touch!

*Listing agents are Amy Deckas and Marybeth Goulett of Edina Realty.

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