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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

But is That Their Real Name??

"Ross A. Justsold," Realtor

I've never investigated -- and am not about to -- but I've always wondered if a few (too?) felicitous real estate names are the Realtor's real name, or legally changed.

So, in the Twin Cities you'll find Realtors with surnames such as "Sell," "Sells," "Sellnow," etc.

If I ever go that route, I know what I'm choosing: "Justsold."

P.S.: the phenomenon is hardly limited to real estate; Rock Hudson's real name was Roy Scherer; Marilyn Monroe's, Norma Jean Mortenson, etc. etc.


SHARON said...

Yeah --- But does not beat your license plate !!

Ross Kaplan said...

The best (worst) thing about that plate ("MY RLTR") is that I can't drive like a maniac anymore, because people know who it is!