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Monday, August 30, 2010

"The Close," "The Trial Close," & "The Reverse Trial Close"

Sales Repertoire

Consciously or unconsciously, every successful sales(wo)man develops some variation of the following techniques:

The Close. "Sign here."

The Trial Close. "If they agree to beef up the earnest money, is it a deal?"

The Reverse Trial Close. "With all those objections, this home sure doesn't seem like a very good fit for you."

If the objections are real, simply acknowledging that -- directly and honestly -- saves everyone time.

If the objections instead are disingenuous or posturing, nothing shifts the leverage faster than agreeing that the would-be Buyer's (long) list of flaws truly are deal breakers.

P.S.: my clients know one of my favorite anecdotes about Buyer feedback.

Way back when, I got an email from a Buyer's agent detailing -- in great length -- all the flaws in my client's home: the kitchen was hopelessly dated, the floor plan felt awkward, the bedrooms were small -- and on and on.

The last line?

"My clients are very interested. Please keep me in the loop."

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