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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Anyone Know a Good Ice Dam Removal Company?"

In Demand: Twin Cities Ice Dam Contractors

April showers bring May flowers. --Proverb

December blizzards bring January ice dams. --Ross Kaplan

Judging by my email inbox, the Twin Cities' potentially record-setting December snowfall has been a boon for contractors specializing in ice dam removal.

If you aren't familiar with the phenomenon, ice dams occur when snow lower down on a roof -- typically over the eaves -- melts and refreezes, causing the water from melting snow higher up on the roof to back up under the roof shingles.

The result can be very expensive leaking and roof damage.

The solution is to get a professional contractor (vs. yourself, on a ladder) to remove the ice dam, then add insulation to prevent a recurrence.

The sooner, the better . . . .

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