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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blizzard this Weekend?

Twin Cities Weekend Weather Forecast

Normally, I check when the Vikings are playing before I schedule my Sunday open house(s).

However, this weekend, that's trumped by a forecasted blizzard developing tonight and intensifying Saturday.

Conditions are supposed to improve Sunday -- but the high temperature then is only supposed to reach zero.

All in all, not exactly ideal conditions for Sunday open houses.

Weather Wipeouts

If the forecast is right, this will be the second Sunday in just a few weeks that's been a weather wipeout; the first was Nov. 21, when an ice storm shut down most of the city.

And that's on top of the weekend before that, when the season's first really big storm slowed things to a crawl (on Sat., Nov. 13).

Three (partial) weekend wipeouts just so far is actually a lot for a Twin Cities Winter -- er, Fall (technically true, for 11 more days).

P.S.: It takes relatively less severe weather early in the season to suppress open house traffic then it does later.

By February, when everyone's used to winter (and suffering from cabin fever), a subzero Sunday won't faze as many people.

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