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Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Can You Sell a Home on eBay?"

That was the question my client posed to me the other week.

To answer it, I did a little investigating.

eBay Tutorial

Just navigating eBay's instructions easily consumed an hour-plus.

During that time I learned that eBay charges an "insertion fee," a "notice fee," and "picture hosting fees" – not to mention "optional feature fees" and "listing upgrade fees" -- all presented on various tables and schedules.

eBay also has a few more pages of directions explaining "auction style" vs. "fixed price" listings, reserve prices, etc.

Glorified Classified Ad

The real zinger, though, is fine print explaining that real estate properties that eBay lists for sale are ultimately really only (expensive) classified ads.

Which is probably why I found ZERO residential properties in Minnesota currently listed for sale on eBay.

In fact, there only 4 states – Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – where there are residential properties listed on eBay (you can imagine the ones in Michigan!).


No go.

I'll take the local MLS's forms any day!

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