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Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Minnesota ESPECIALLY Nice"

Christmas & the Housing Market

There are plenty of reasons to explain why the housing market decelerates around the holidays: it's customarily a time to celebrate with one's family; take a respite from work (vacation, even!); and generally reflect on one's -- shall we say -- existential circumstances.

Plus, the weather (at least in Minnesota) is lousy.

All in all, a time for spirituality -- not commerce.

No Time for Lowball Offers

However, I'd posit that another, related factor is at work: Christmas spirit doesn't exactly go with aggressive negotiations.

Even if the market is soft and a home isn't necessarily worth the owner's asking price . . . Christmas just doesn't seem the right time to make that point (at least to a real, live human being -- vs. say, a bank).

Wishing all my readers a peaceful, happy Holiday, and a prosperous 2011!

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