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Friday, March 26, 2010

Housing Trend 2010: Grand(er) Entries

From More Square Feet to More Volume, Cont.

I've discussed previously the trend toward homes not necessarily with more square feet, but more "volume" (higher ceilings, more and larger windows, wider stairs and halls, etc. -- see, "Not More Square Feet, More per Square Foot"; "Cranking Up the Volume").

That trend applies to the exterior of homes, too.

So, builders (and their clients) are designing homes with wider and more generous front doors, steps, porticoes (if consistent with the house style), and even wider walkways from the sidewalk to the front door.

The cumulative effect is enhanced curb appeal -- and the suggestion of grand, sweeping spaces inside.

All those features are vividly on display at 3812 Chowen Avenue, in Minneapolis' Linden Hills neighborhood (pictured above).

The home was built by Elevation, a division of Streeter, and is being listed by Edina Realty's Sheila Cronin for $1.449M.

(Oh -- and the inside's stunning, too!)

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