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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time Zone Magic

The Secret to Conflict-Free
Family Gatherings

I'm writing this post from Chicago, where my (large) extended family is congregating for a long weekend gathering (no, no open houses this Sunday).

The logistics are a bit daunting:

16 people total, 5 couples/families, located in 5 different cities, encompassing three different time zones.

One of the silver linings to all of the above is that it solves some scheduling issues.

Like, normally my parents -- the early birds of the family -- like to rise before 7 a.m.

Meanwhile my (40 year-old) baby sister likes to "get going" around 10 a.m. (she crashes around 3 a.m.).

If everyone lived in the same city, there would inevitably be tension about when to meet for breakfast.

Not in Chicago.

Nine a.m. local is actually 7 a.m. for my parents (on Phoenix time), and 10 a.m. for my nocturnal sister on "Manhattan time."

Voila! Everyone's happy!

At least the first day . . .

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