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Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Salesperson's Market," Defined

Skill & Hard Work vs.
Luck & Good Timing

Stock market investors know that there are periods where you can make money practically throwing darts, as well as leaner times when finding winning ideas is much tougher.

The latter environment is often referred to as a "stock picker's market."

So, too, for Realtors the housing market cycles through times when seemingly anyone can do well, and more challenging times -- like now.

What do you call the latter environment?

"A salesperson's market," in the words of a senior Edina Realty branch manager I know.

What he means by that is that today's housing market belongs to the Realtors with the most energy and initiative, who can look through the "cracks and crevices" to find opportunities for their clients . . . and make deals happen.

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