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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Intel Science Winners & Real Estate

Good Schools = Buyer Demand (What's New?)

Local San Jose Realtors are running ads in newspapers in China and India telling potential immigrants to “buy a home” in [San Jose's] Lynbrook school district because it produced “two Intel science winners."

--Thomas Friedman, "America's Real Dream Team"; The New York Times (3/21/2010)

Nice piece by Tom Friedman in today's Times, with a real estate angle to boot: immigrant home buyers so value education that San Jose Realtors are promoting a local school district as home to not one but two Intel Science Talent Search finalists.

So, can any Minnesota school districts make that boast?

Not any time recently.

None of the 40 Intel finalists were from Minnesota this year. In 2009, one finalist was from Edina; another finalist last year was from Chaska, and attended Breck, a private school.

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