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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is a Vacant Home "Poorly Staged?"

Adding (Feedback) Insult to Injury

[Editor's Note: thanks to fellow City Lakes agent Sheri Fine for serving as a sounding board on this post.]

Is a vacant home "poorly staged?"

Judging by how most Buyer's agents complete showing feedback forms, the answer would be "yes."

But they're wrong.

In fact, a vacant home isn't staged at all.

Saying otherwise is a sure way to annoy Listing Agents, because: a) they're already quite aware that the home isn't staged; 2) it almost certainly wasn't their druthers (unstaged homes typically don't show well, and homes that don't show well . . . are harder to sell).

Adding (feedback) insult to injury, assuming the homeowner is getting feedback directly: the listing agent must now explain to their client why other Realtors seem to be saying that they're doing a poor job.

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