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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Realtor "April Fool's'" Jokes

"Can I Please Speak to Myra Mains?"

Courtesy of City Lakes office manager Josh Kaplan, here is a classic April Fool's joke for -- make that on -- Realtors, especially "newbie" Realtors.

Here's the set-up:

The front desk leaves a voicemail for the intended Realtor-victim (plural, ideally), telling them that they have a lead for them. The prospect's name is "Myra Mains"; her number is 612-927-01x7.

Here's what happens next:

Realtor: 'This is Jane Doe at Edina Realty. Can I please speak to Myra Mains?"
Other line: . . . .'click' (sometimes preceded by a "Ha! Ha! Very funny!")

It's funniest when the Realtor persists and re-dials a couple times before catching on.

The phone number, of course, belongs to a local funeral home.

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