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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bridge to Somewhere

Highway 7/Wooddale Avenue Interchange

To frustrated motorists, it's an all-too familiar scene: miles of closed-off roadway that persists for months (or years), traffic slowed to a crawl (or stop), etc. -- all for the benefit of a handful of construction workers, progressing at a glacial pace.

I can think of multiple highway projects around the Twin Cities that seem to meet the foregoing description -- but the new bridge going up over the Highway 7/Wooddale Interchange isn't one of them.

The construction site is swarming with workers most hours of the day (weekends, too?), and the bridge appears to be going up in record time.

When it's done, Highway 7 will be an unimpeded four lanes wide, and local traffic will be able to go from West Lake St. to 36th street with no more long traffic lights.

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