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Monday, September 20, 2010


"Batting 8th Today . . ."

To a blogger, making is a bit like a novelist being mentioned on Oprah's book list: it delivers an instant, nationwide "pop" in your traffic (actually, international -- reaches readers in dozens of countries, not to mention senior policy makers in Washington, Wall Street-types, etc.).

So, it's nice to be on today's lineup -- along with people like Paul Krugman (NY Times), Robert Samuelson (Washington Post), and Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek).

As befits this blog's tiny profile, my post appears further down, in a section called "Off the Street."

Titled "The Wall Street Journal Whiffs on Warren," it discusses why Elizabeth Warren seemed liked a defensible choice to head the watchdog agency . . . she proposed creating, and why the Journal's attack on her appointment falls apart on closer (OK, not so close) scrutiny.

To someone who's been reading the Journal for 40 years (since I was 10), it's both sad and dismaying to see it now stumble so badly under Rupert Murdoch's ownership -- sort of like witnessing a visiting baseball slugger who's eviscerated your home team for years start to lose a couple steps.

The Journal I grew up with never used to be such an easy, broad target . . .

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