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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Car Neatnik/House Slob (and Vice Versa)

"The Slob-Neatnik Continuum"

No, that's not the interior of my wife's car (pictured at right).

We have a minivan, for one thing.

But I do think I've identified a major qualification to the general "slob-neatnik" continuum: it depends where.

So, my wife, who can't tolerate a single, dirty utensil left in the Kitchen sink, drives around in a minivan that is, shall we say, less than pristine (to be fair, she does frequently have several snack-eating, nose-wiping small children in tow -- and sometimes their friends!).

I, on the other hand, who hasn't made a bed since the 1970's, am thrown by a single, out-of-place piece of paper in my car (also known as my mobile office).

Just guessing, but there are probably a few other Realtors and their partners who meet this description.

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