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Monday, September 13, 2010

(The Problem with) Blind Solicitations

"Would You Consider Renting?"

Through the years, I have in rare instances sent a blind mailing on behalf of a client who had seemed to exhaust all other possibilities.

Typically, they were interested in either a very specific style of home, a very specific neigborhood -- or both.

And were under a time deadline.

Junk Mail

While such letters invariably do elicit some bites, the problem is motivation: if you ask someone who wasn't contemplating selling or renting whether they'd consider selling or renting, they have a funny way of coming up with a price that's WAY above market.

Or -- after prolonged, time-consuming negotiations -- back out.

Bottom line?

The best way to be sure someone's home is really on the market -- either for sale or rental -- is that . . . it's already on the market (on MLS, Craig's List, "For Sale" and/or "For Rent" signs in front, etc.).

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