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Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Read Vanity Fair

(Pretty) Picture Book

Before I bought the current issue of Vanity Fair (to read Michael Lewis' new article), I never understood why the cover included not just the featured articles, but their page numbers: because the cover is also the table of contents.

Or more accurately, it's one of two tables of contents; the second one appears literally 45 pages into the magazine, preceded by 44 pages of various beautiful people modeling lots of beautiful clothes.

Then, you discover that the interior table of contents is divided into pieces, with still more advertising squeezed in between.

Finally, somewhere around page 100 -- the actual articles begin.

It's annoying only until you realize that the editors have given readers a way to circumvent all those ads, via their cover/table of contents.

But I've got a guess, they don't (skip all those beautifully shot, fetching ads -- that is).

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