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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"'Possible' Short Sale"

Warning: Use of "May" May be Problematic

For the uninitiated, let me decode "possible short sale":

The odds of it not being a short sale are about as high as the following bad things not having occurred (which is to say, infinitesimal):

"I may have scratched the car." (wife to husband -- or vice versa)

"The disposal may not be working right." (child to parent, after dropping rocks into same)

"We may have lost your reservation." (uttered at the car rental desk)

"The plane may be delayed."

"We may have damaged your one-of-a-kind, antique lamp." (furniture movers to customer)

"Mommie, I think something may be wrong with the goldfish."

The kiss of death?

A "possible short sale" being handled by "an experienced short sale agent."

P.S.: It's interesting how many of the above are travel-related. Hmmm . . .

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