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Friday, November 5, 2010

"So THAT'S Who's Running for Governor!"

The (Lawn Sign) Tide Recedes

First, a bit of explanation: thanks to the miracle of recorded TV and zipping/zapping, I watched virtually NO TV political commercials this election season.

Second, I get almost all my news online, and have for years; so, I've become very good at tuning out all the commercial noise on the periphery of my PC screen (so-called "interstitial ads," which temporarily commandeer all of your screen, are the one especially obnoxious exception).

With that as background, I'm happy to report that, at T+3 days following the 2010 election, here in Minnesota the only lawn signs still vying for everyone's attention say either "Dayton" or "Emmer" -- thanks to the looming gubernatorial race recount.

Here's hoping we don't get to see them against a snowy background, when they'll really stand out.

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