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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rogers: 'Agriculture Better Than Gold'

The Other "Black Gold"

I expect to make more money in agriculture than I do in gold.

-- Investor Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers might not be quite the household name that Warren Buffett or George Soros is, but long-time investors know Rogers as an astute, independent market analyst -- who's made gobs of money, for both himself and his clients, spanning several decades.

So, it's noteworthy that Rogers has been beating his investment drum even louder for agriculture the last several years than he has for gold.

His rationale?

Farmland ("black gold?") is the ultimate play on rising inflation and commodity prices.

Gold has skyrocketed the last few years; farmland, not so much (yet).

Farmland isn't my specialty, but if you're an investor who's interested in buying some . . . I'll help you find someone at Edina Realty who's an expert! (and I guaranty, there is one).

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