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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"A (Rock) Star is Born"

2010 Election Notes

Did you ever notice how hail always comes in other sizes? Penny-sized; dime-sized; baseball-sized; etc.?

--George Carlin

Carlin's observation occurred to me the umpteenth time I heard Michele Bachmann referred to as a "rock star" last night; you never hear a breakout new musician referred to as a "politician."

It was also striking to hear that the Bachmann - Clark contest, in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District, was the nation's most expensive this election cycle; imagine Minnesota having the most expensive home, instead of Manhattan, the Hamptons (New York) or Beverly Hills (California).

In fact, the most expensive home in Minnesota (on Lake Minnetonka) is worth around $15 million -- about 1/10 what "The Manor" in Holmby Hills (CA) is reportedly worth.

Given how much less expensive TV ads are here than in bigger, coastal markets, the combined Bachmann - Clark fund raising, reportedly around $15 million, is even more staggering.

Here's a thought: if Bachmann takes on Amy Klobuchar for U.S. Senate in 2012, maybe the two can agree to use the gazillions the race will attract to do something constructive, like cure a disease, and abide by a coin flip to decide who wins the election.

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